My Favorite Sunscreens

June is here now, which means that I’m back to being extra-vigilant about my sunscreen. I wear SPF on my face year-round, but once the sun is out consistently, I make sure that my whole body is protected anytime I’m outside. I’ve tried a lot of different options to find my absolute favorites for my face and body, and thought I’d share them today!

Face Sunscreens

Your SPF should be the very last step in your skincare routine, right before makeup, if you’re wearing any. Since I have oily skin, I use my SPF as a moisturizer, but if your skin is dry, you’d want to put sunscreen on after your moisturizer. These are my go-to sunscreens for my face that I use daily, year round.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

If I’m wearing makeup, I go with the Supergoop Unseen as my sunscreen of choice. It’s a chemical sunscreen that has absolutely zero white cast. The texture is really cool – it goes on like a clear gel, and it sinks in immediately. The finish isn’t dewy or matte, but just a really nice, natural finish. Even on top of all my other skincare, there’s no pilling at all. I love wearing it under makeup because I feel like it acts like a primer, too. My makeup applies so smoothly over it, and it lasts all day. I am careful not to get it too close to my eyes, though, because it does occasionally burn a bit if it’s too close.

Kiehl’s Better Screen Serum

If I’m not wearing makeup, I love wearing this sunscreen serum from Kiehl’s. Just like the Supergoop Unseen, it’s another chemical sunscreen that doesn’t leave any white cast. The texture is closer to a traditional sunscreen, but because it’s a serum, it’s incredibly lightweight. It’s a nice, smooth application – it starts out white, but rubs in and blends very, very quickly. It’s also a nice, natural finish, but it leaves my skin feeling really nice and hydrated after I put it on. If you wanted, you could definitely wear this under makeup too – it doesn’t pill either.

Vacation Super Spritz Face Mist

You’re supposed to re-apply your sunscreen after about 2 hours of being in the sun, but when you’re wearing makeup, that’s tricky! This spritz is a perfect solution. It’s a really, really fine mist – you just hold it about a foot or so from your face, and spritz away. You want to make sure you really apply enough that you’re covering your whole face! But it dries down really quickly, and doesn’t disturb your makeup all all. I have the regular size plus a mini version I keep with me at all times.

Body Sunscreen

When it comes to body sunscreen, I’m pretty simple. I want something effective, easy to apply, and not too greasy feeling. I love using my Solar Buddy (see this post!) for an easier application. These are my current body sunscreen favorites.

Supergoop Play

I’ve been using Supergoop Play for a few years now, and it’s just a great, solid sunscreen. It’s nice a smooth – it sinks into your skin really quickly, and it leaves your skin feeling so nice and smooth and soft! It has some really nice moisturizing skincare ingredients in it, so you really feel like you’re giving a skin a treat while you protect it, too. It’s maybe the tiniest bit of a dewy finish, but definitely not too dewy or shiny. I’d recommend it to everyone.

Vacation Classic Whip

Vacation Classic Whip is a new-to-me kind of sunscreen, but I’m really impressed. It’s a whipped texture, and it comes out just like whipped cream would! Because it’s a mousse, it sinks into the skin almost instantly, with very little rubbing in required. And once it’s on, it feels like absolutely nothing on your skin – it’s so impressive! The finish is totally matte in that you can’t see that anything has been applied at all. Be warned that a little goes a LONG way – I recommend squirting it into your hand, and then spreading from there. Also, I should note that this one does have a (very nice!) scent.

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  1. Heather

    Thank you for mentioning the mist! So often I see people mention the importance of incorporating sunscreen into your skincare but I’m always left wondering if/when/how they reapply throughout the day without having to redo their makeup. The mist is so smart!

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