June 2024 Favorites

I honestly can’t believe that July is here already, and that I’m wrapping up my June favorites. I spent a lot of time outside last month, and I think my favorites show that – they’re not all new things, but they’re things I got a ton of use (or enjoyment!) out of.

Kayali Vacation Set

I’m not really a summery or floraly fragrance person, usually, but this set is so great. It’s four mini sized versions of scents that are perfect for summer. I really love Capri and Marrakech, but honestly, I don’t dislike any of them. The mini size is also great for packing on vacation – they won’t take up too much space in a bag!


I’ve mentioned many, many times that I love sitting outside on the patio in the summer, but as much as I love being outside, I equally hate bugs! I will do anything I can to avoid them being near me if at all possible. So any time I’m sitting outside, I have a Thermacell not too far away from me. There’s no real scent or smoke, but it really does work to keep the mosquitos at bay.

White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew

Before this summer, I don’t think I’ve ordered a cold brew coffee in a year or two! I pretty much stick with my go-to macchiato order always. But on my sister’s recommendation I tried the new white chocolate macadamia cream cold brew at Starbucks, and WOW, it is so tasty! I get light cold foam because I don’t like things too milky, but it is such a delicious summertime treat. I can’t get enough.

My Lady Jane

A friend recommended this new-ish show on Amazon to me, and I will confess that I loved it so much I marathoned the whole thing in just one day. It’s a take on the story of Lady Jane Grey – a mix of historical fiction, romance, and fantasy. It’s very cute and fun – they do a great mix of historical with modern touches of speaking, music in the soundtrack, and things like that. Highly recommend!

Solar Buddies

I have really pale skin and burn so easily, so after an unfortunate bout of sun poisoning in college, I’ve made sure to be SUPER careful about wearing sunscreen. But since I can’t actually apply it myself, I’m always looking for things that make it even a little bit easier. Solar Buddies were designed for putting sunscreen on kids, but they make it so much easier for me, too, or for anyone with mobility issues. It has a roller ball and a sponge that helps apply and then easily spread the sunscreen without needing to rub in with your hands at all.

Quilted Sandals

These are not all expensive sandals, but I honestly love them so much that I now own them in three different colors. Velcro sandals are SO much easier for me to wear – easier to get on and off, and nice that they’re so adjustable since my feet tend to swell in the summer. These are actually kids shoes, but if you have small feet, you might be able to make them work – I wear a kids size 2, which is the same as a women’s 4. I’m really impressed with how cute they are for the price!

Plastic Goblets

I love fancy glasses and goblets, but most of the time, they’re too heavy for me to lift. Grace shared these on her Instagram stories, and I picked them up right away! They look so nice and fancy, but they’re actually plastic! Which means they’re incredibly lightweight and easy for me to lift. I’ve been using them for my frozen margaritas, and the’yre so perfect. And obviously, since they’re plastic, you don’t have to worry about shards of glass if they break.

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