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Disabled While Going to a Baseball Game

Every year, I like to go to at least one baseball game here at PNC Park. Admittedly, I’m not the biggest baseball fan, but I love to go for the experience – the views of the city, the food, and just being there, relaxing at having a fun time. A few weeks ago, we had an unseasonably warm week for early May, realized it was also fireworks night at the park, and decided a few days in advance on somewhat of a whim to just buy tickets! And so I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about going to a game as a wheelchair user.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Ultra Thin Cotton Pads

I love learning about skincare and creating a routine that works for me and my skin, but sometimes it gets physically tricky for me to work with different products. The type of dispenser and the texture of the product itself can have a huge impact on how easy (or how challenging) it is for me to apply on my face. But I’ve started using these ultra thin cotton pads to apply more of my products, and they’ve made the process so much easier – the latest “Accidentally Adaptive” addition to my routine!

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Accidentally Adaptive: Streaming Movies

This year, I decided – somewhat on a whim – that I wanted to watch all of the best picture nominees for this year’s Oscars. I had seen a few of them already, but spent this past weekend having a cozy movie marathon where I streamed more of them, one after the other. And it hit me that this was only possible because all of the movies were available to watch on streaming, which is so much more accessible for me than going to the movie theater. So I thought I’d talk about how movies being available on streaming is actually Accidentally Adaptive!

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Accidentally Adaptive: Addison Bay Side-Zip Crewneck

Fall is here, and so is my desire to stay warm and cozy all the time in comfy layers. But a lot of times, adding layers is better for me in theory than it is in reality. Anything too tight or too bulky is really hard for me to move around in, and it often ends up getting really bunched up around my waist, because things fit differently when you’re seated. But this Addison Bay Crewneck, with zippers on both sides, is an accidentally adaptive solution to my problems!

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