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Accidentally Adaptive: SolarBuddies Sunscreen Applicator

It is almost Memorial Day, and to me, that’s always felt like the sign that summer is on it’s way. It might not be summer temperatures yet in Pittsburgh, but it’s still always felt like the sign on the calendar that summer sun will be here soon. Which also means it’s time for me to be (even more) vigilant about sunscreen application. This summer, I have a new tool to make things a little easier: the SolarBuddies Sunscreen Applicator.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Bandolier Phone Case

Just like almost everyone else my age, I like to have my phone on me at basically all times, especially when I’m out and about. Putting it away somewhere in a bag is hard for me, though – I have to have something close enough that I can physically lift the phone in and out of, which is actually a struggle for me. So I usually just leave it sitting on my lap, which works for the most part… until I have to drive over a particularly rough patch of sidewalk and my phone slips to the ground. But this Bandolier crossbody phone case has solved this problem for me!

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Accidentally Adaptive: Automatic Dispenser

I love using micellar water to take off my makeup and cleanse my face. I landed on this automatic dispenser and have been using it daily for over a month now. It’s not necessarily designed with easier, adaptive dispensing of micellar water in mind, but WOW it works so well!

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Accidentally Adaptive: Hotel Lobby Candle Snuffer

I love candles year round, but there’s something especially cozy about them in the winter – the warmth and the flickering flame really set the mood. I already shared an Accidentally Adaptive post about my electric candle lighter, which helps me light the candle independently, but then there’s always the question of putting the candle out. Enter this candle snuffer from Hotel Lobby Candle – the solution to my problem.

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