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Accidentally Adaptive: Day After Dry Shampoo Brush

I have hair that gets very oily very quickly – but I also have a lot of very thick hair, so if I can get away with skipping a day or two of washing, it saves me a lot of time and effort. To do this, I absolutely have to use dry shampoo if I want my hair to look semi-decent on day two. This means that I have tried many, many different dry shampoos over the years, to varying degrees of success. But I have a new favorite to share today – the m’Chel Haircare Day After Brush.

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JVN Complete Blowout Styling Milk Review

Historically, I haven’t always been the best at styling my hair. Part of this, of course, is my mobility – I can hold a blow dryer and aim it at my head, but that’s about it. I also am lucky enough to have straight, thick hair that behaves pretty well as long as I dry it… to a point. But because I have so much hair, it also tends to get frizzy and poufy easily! I’ve played around with different styling products over the years, but never found one that seemed worth it – they either wouldn’t really work, or they’d add too much moisture to my already greasy-prone hair. But recently, I started using the JVN Complete Blowout Styling Milk, and it’s become a staple for me! I’m using it every single time I blow dry my hair.

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An Amazing Primer for Oily Skin

I tend to keep my day-to-day makeup pretty simple – I don’t like to look too fully made up. Sometimes, though, I want to look a little more polished, and when that happens, I need something to help keep my incredibly oily skin at bay. I recently found a new product that works amazingly well at controlling oil and blurring pores – the Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder from Danessa Myricks Beauty.l

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A New Favorite: JVN Air Dry Cream

I tend to keep my hair care routine pretty simple – my hair can get greasy quickly, so I’m careful about adding new products and keep it minimal. Also, since I can’t actually do my hair myself, I try not to add too many steps… less chances for something to get messed up or go wrong. But I’m not completely opposed to all products, and I have a new favorite. The JVN Air Dry Cream now has a permanent place in my routine – I love it so much!

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