Accidentally Adaptive: JoyJolt Glass Mugs

Even a casual reader here or viewer on my Instagram knows that I am a coffee person. I think I could rival Lorelai Gilmore in my love for it - coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, I love them all, and I drink them basically all day long. I finally found the perfect mug that is incredibly light and also really well insulated - these double-walled glass mugs from JoyJolt!

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Accidentally Adaptive: StriVectin Neck Serum Roller

I am very into the skincare that I put on my face - I have a routine that I use, I love reading about new products and ingredients and their efficacy, and I'm always searching for the next amazing product. But I have largely ignored my neck up until now. I know it might sound silly, but I recently saw some pictures of a woman who had applied sunscreen to her face daily for decades but not to her neck... and the results were shocking, to say the least.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Starbucks Mobile Ordering

If you know me at all, or have followed me online even for just a little bit, you probably know about my love of Starbucks. It is no joke that I'm often found with Starbucks cup in hand. So it's very fun for me to share today about how the mobile ordering that Starbucks offers is actually accidentally adaptive.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Day After Dry Shampoo Brush

I have hair that gets very oily very quickly - but I also have a lot of very thick hair, so if I can get away with skipping a day or two of washing, it saves me a lot of time and effort. To do this, I absolutely have to use dry shampoo if I want my hair to look semi-decent on day two. This means that I have tried many, many different dry shampoos over the years, to varying degrees of success. But I have a new favorite to share today - the m'Chel Haircare Day After Brush.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Hilton Hotels Confirmed Connecting Rooms

I know I've shared a lot of travel related posts recently - I think that this should be the last one for a while! But this is something that I was so excited to find out about myself, and am equally excited to share with all of you. For this post in my "Accidentally Adaptive" series, I'm sharing about Hilton hotel's confirmed connecting rooms.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Electric Lighter

Sometimes when people ask me, as a woman with a disability, to explain the things that I need help with, I say that I need help with all the little things that other people probably do without a second thought. This includes lots of thing big day-to-day things, but also something as small as lighting a candle. I love candles! But I don't have the strength to strike a match or push down the lever on a typical lighter. That's why I was so excited when I found this electric lighter.

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Accidentally Adaptive: eReader Page Turner

I've been a huge reader ever since I was a little girl. While I've now traded paper books for electronic ones, it doesn't mean that I read any less, and I'm always looking for things that make it easier (and more enjoyable) for me. Which is why I was so excited to find this eReader automatic page turner, my newest addition to my Accidentally Adaptive collection.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Beis Koozie Sling

I'm so excited to be back with another Accidentally Adaptive post! These are some of my absolute favorite posts to write - I love showing how mainstream products also have adaptive uses. This one comes courtesy of an Instagram ad that I came across while scrolling through my feed - for the Beis Koozie Sling. I actually almost scrolled past it and had to quickly backtrack so that I could take a closer look. And it looked so good that I ended up ordering it immediately!

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Accidentally Adaptive: Walmart InHome Delivery

I have not set foot into a grocery store since 2020, and I definitely don't miss it. I love the convenience of getting groceries delivered - what started as something I did as germ risk avoidance is now something that I never want to give up. Especially since, logistically, grocery shopping is hard for me. But Walmart's InHome delivery service takes the convenience of grocery delivery a step further - instead of leaving the groceries on your doorstep, they actually come in and put them away in your fridge!

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Accidentally Adaptive: Faux Two Piece Dress

I love sharing my outfits and style here, but sometimes I think my posts make it seem a little more effortless than it actually is. It can be a struggle to find clothes that I like, that come in my size, and that work well with my wheelchair, too. Which is why I was so excited when I found this black-and-white faux two piece dress that ended up being accidentally adaptive perfection for me.

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