Accidentally Adaptive: Walmart InHome Delivery

I have not set foot into a grocery store since 2020, and I definitely don't miss it. I love the convenience of getting groceries delivered - what started as something I did as germ risk avoidance is now something that I never want to give up. Especially since, logistically, grocery shopping is hard for me. But Walmart's InHome delivery service takes the convenience of grocery delivery a step further - instead of leaving the groceries on your doorstep, they actually come in and put them away in your fridge!

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Accidentally Adaptive: Faux Two Piece Dress

I love sharing my outfits and style here, but sometimes I think my posts make it seem a little more effortless than it actually is. It can be a struggle to find clothes that I like, that come in my size, and that work well with my wheelchair, too. Which is why I was so excited when I found this black-and-white faux two piece dress that ended up being accidentally adaptive perfection for me.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Drybar

I'm so excited to be back with another "accidentally adaptive" post - I'm planning to turn this into a series! If you didn't see my first post about this puffer cape, the concept is that I'm sharing things that aren't technically meant to be "adaptive," but end up being accessible to me. The first one was a jacket, but this time it's a place, and one of my favorite places at that - Drybar.

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