Disabled While Grocery Shopping

When I asked what kind of "Disabled While..." posts people were interested in reading, grocery shopping was one of the most popular answers! I never would've thought that this would be something people were curious about, but I guess it does make sense, since it's one of the most basic yet most important household tasks.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Automatic Dispenser

I love using micellar water to take off my makeup and cleanse my face. I landed on this automatic dispenser and have been using it daily for over a month now. It's not necessarily designed with easier, adaptive dispensing of micellar water in mind, but WOW it works so well!

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Disabled While Shopping

It is no secret that I love to shop. I feel like I am constantly browsing, adding things to my wishlist or to my cart (though not always following through and checking out). But sometimes, as a disabled woman, it doesn't always feel like shopping loves me back! It can be a struggle - not only the physical process of shopping, but finding things in my size that work for my body, too. So today I'm going to talk a little bit about being disabled while shopping.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Hotel Lobby Candle Snuffer

I love candles year round, but there's something especially cozy about them in the winter - the warmth and the flickering flame really set the mood. I already shared an Accidentally Adaptive post about my electric candle lighter, which helps me light the candle independently, but then there's always the question of putting the candle out. Enter this candle snuffer from Hotel Lobby Candle - the solution to my problem.

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Feeding Tube FAQs

This week is National Feeding Tube Awareness Week! Since I've had a feeding tube for many years now, I thought I'd share a little bit about my experience with it today. I put up a question box on Instagram asking you all what you'd like to know about it - I realized that while I share a lot about being disabled, I don't share a lot about my feeding tube. But while it might not be visible, it actually is a huge part of my life! So I'm answering some of your questions today.

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BILLY Adaptive Slippers

It's mostly because a lot of the adaptive style products are either kids sizes, and while I can fit them, they look incredibly young, or they are adult sized but even the XS they offer is way too big on me. Adaptive products - especially clothes or shoes - tend to be more expensive, and don't have the wide size ranges that typical retailers do (because the products are more expensive to make and the profit margin is smaller). But! I recently found a brand of actually adaptive shoes that I love - BILLY Footwear!

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Accidentally Adaptive: One-Button Sweater

I love the look of a cardigan over a dress, but I often struggle with actually making it work. It can be tricky to make a cardigan look nice while seated - if they're too tight, they end up bunched and keep rolling up, and if I leave it unbuttoned, it has to stretch around the supports of my wheelchair and it just won't stay put. Plus, my shoulders are so narrow that if I leave something unbuttoned, it tends to keep sliding off my shoulders. But I like the warmth of a sweater! So when I saw this Madewell sweater with one button, I was so excited.

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Accidentally Adaptive: JoyJolt Glass Mugs

Even a casual reader here or viewer on my Instagram knows that I am a coffee person. I think I could rival Lorelai Gilmore in my love for it - coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, I love them all, and I drink them basically all day long. I finally found the perfect mug that is incredibly light and also really well insulated - these double-walled glass mugs from JoyJolt!

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Disabled While Celebrating the Holidays

When people think about the holidays, they think about the togetherness and festivities, mostly. The holiday parties hosted my friends and family and the Christmas get-togethers. And I think about that, too! I love getting together with friends and family, especially if it involves any excuse to wear a cute dress that's been sitting in my closet. But it's a little more complicated than that. For me, a time centered around celebrating at people's houses also centers around thinking about the accessibility of those houses... or often, the lack of it.

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Accidentally Adaptive: StriVectin Neck Serum Roller

I am very into the skincare that I put on my face - I have a routine that I use, I love reading about new products and ingredients and their efficacy, and I'm always searching for the next amazing product. But I have largely ignored my neck up until now. I know it might sound silly, but I recently saw some pictures of a woman who had applied sunscreen to her face daily for decades but not to her neck... and the results were shocking, to say the least.

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