Gift Guide: My Favorite Small Businesses

I thought that for this week's gift guide, I'd focus on some of my favorite small businesses. Last week's was all Pittsburgh-based small businesses that I love, and this week's is small businesses from all over. It's always good to remember that many of these don't have the same processing and shipping turnaround times as the major retailers, so shopping early is best!

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Gift Guide: Pittsburgh Small Businesses

I'm sharing my first gift guide today! I know some of you (many of you?) may have already started shopping, but hopefully you haven't completely finished your shopping yet! I like to start out by highlighting small businesses, especially knowing that many of them need more time for processing and shipping. I thought I'd get even more specific, and start by sharing gifts from some Pittsburgh-based small businesses in this gift guide.

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Valentine’s Day Gifts

I'm not typically a Valentine's Day person, really, but just like I said last year around this time, I could really use something fun to look forward to and celebrate right about now. So you can think of these as Valentine's or Galentine's gifts... for friends, or even just for yourself. It can be a bright spot in the middle of what is often a long, cold month!

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Gift Guide: For the Gals

I always love putting this gift guide together, because I get to round up both the things that I have and love, and the things that I wish I had! I'm not quite done with my shopping yet, but I am getting there. If you still have a few gifts left to buy too, here are my favorite gifts for the women in your life.

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