Life Lately, February 2024

Well! This month didn't exactly turn out quite as I expected - if you've read any of my other recent posts, you know that I spent a little under a week in the hospital earlier this month. So this month's Life Lately is a little bit different than usual, but I always want to make sure to share the bad with the good, and to keep this real. So here's what my life looked like over the last month.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I took it easy this week after getting out of the hospital last weekend, and am very much looking forward to a low-key, plan-less weekend this time around. I know how important rest is, and want to make sure I keep prioritizing it. This week's favorites post is a little bit shorter than usual, since I haven't been doing quite as much browsing as usual while I ease back in to real life, but I'm definitely getting there.

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Disabled While in the Hospital

This might surprise you, but I typically try to avoid the hospital - both the ER and being admitted - as much as humanly possible. If it's something that can be handled at home, or as an outpatient, even if it's a little bit more work, I'll take that option. That's because while hospitals might seem like they're something that should be accessible by default, that's actually far from the case. Hospitals are extremely hard to navigate as a disabled person! Since my recent hospital stay is still fresh on my mind, I thought I'd explain a little bit more.

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Friday Favorites

February is here! January felt like an extremely long month, so I'm hoping February feels like it goes at least a little bit quicker. A lot of January was spent at home, which is probably why it felt like it dragged a bit. I did, however, discover that Nala - who used to move away if I even tried to pet her! - is now a lap cat, and jumps up on my lap and curls up all the time. It's such a strange switch, but it's very sweet, and I'm definitely not complaining.

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Recent Reads, January 2024

January ended up being a great month for reading for me! I got in a decent amount of reading time, plus audiobook time too, and really loved what I read, too. I feel like I'm really starting out 2024 on the right page reading-wise, if you'll allow the pun, and I'm so happy about it. Here's everything that I read in January.

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Cozy Night In Essentials

I've talked a lot recently about how I've been spending a lot of cozy nights in! I try to find a balance between staying in while not feeling like a total and complete shut in, but when it's so cold out, staying in and warm is just so inviting! I am definitely an introvert at heart, so I honestly don't mind staying in, and having a nice, relaxing time with my own company. I thought I'd share some of my essentials for spending a cozy night (or day, or weekend...) in.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I don't know if it's just me, or if any of you feel this way too, but January has felt extremely long. Maybe it's because we got our first real snow of the year, and as pretty as it was, it made me more or less stuck inside. Or maybe it's just the January of it all in general - the coming down after the holidays, and the knowledge that it's going to be quite a stretch until my next time off from work. Whatever it is, I'm trying to just enjoy the slow pace while it's here, and enjoy my time reading and watching TV and being cozy.

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