Gratitude List, January 2024

It's the first gratitude list of the year! I was texting with a friend while getting ready to write this, and we both agreed - it feels hard to be grateful in January. It's cold and snowy here right now, and the thrill of the holidays (and the thrill of having a nice break from work!) is over. So this month's gratitude list is very much a focus on the small, daily things.

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Gratitude List, October 2023

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind, and feels like it's gone by in a bit of a blur. And with everything going on in the world, too, everything has just been a lot. So this is a good reminder for me to sit back and think about what's been going on and reflect on what I'm feeling grateful for.

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Gratitude List, August 2023

Before I started writing these posts, I never really sat down and thought, purposefully, about the good things going on in my life. I really like doing it, though - sitting down and reflecting on everything going on, and highlighting the many good things that have happened, big or small. And with that being said, here's my gratitude list for the month.

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Gratitude List, June 2023

I'm writing this on a day off from work, which puts me in a pretty good mood to be writing a gratitude post, honestly! Sometimes I'm at a point where I need to write these to remind myself to be grateful, but today, I'm already feeling grateful and content. So here's what's making me feel so happy right now.

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Gratitude List, May 2023

May and June have always felt like the most hopeful months to me! I think it's because, even now, they remind me of the end of the school year - of that sense of endless possibilities that await you over the summer. I always feel especially grateful and hopeful this time of year - evening is looking pretty and green, the sun is back, and I know summer will be here soon. So I'm full of gratitude for so many little things this month - here's a few of them.

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