Gratitude List, May 2023

May and June have always felt like the most hopeful months to me! I think it's because, even now, they remind me of the end of the school year - of that sense of endless possibilities that await you over the summer. I always feel especially grateful and hopeful this time of year - evening is looking pretty and green, the sun is back, and I know summer will be here soon. So I'm full of gratitude for so many little things this month - here's a few of them.

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Gratitude List, February 2023

I've actually felt much happier, lighter, and more content this last month than I have in a while. I think it's because of two main reasons - first, I've been feeling much better health-wise, and it's been such a relief to know that feeling "normal" (or at least, my own version of normal) again is possible, and second, we've had at least a few days of spring-like weather. I've also really tried to use my weekend time to relax, too. All of these things have left me feeling much more content overall, which has been a really nice feeling. In turn, it hasn't felt like a struggle to find things that I feel grateful for. So here's what's on my gratitude list this month.

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Gratitude List, January 2023

I have the winter blahs in January (...and in February!), so there's really no better time for a gratitude list. I could really use the reminder to focus on the good instead of complaining about the early dark and the gloominess that's been somewhat of a constant in Pittsburgh lately. So here's what I'm currently feeling grateful for.

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Gratitude List, October 2022

This is another one of those months - I had already planned to write this post today, but focusing on gratitude was a reminder that I sorely needed! I mentioned that last week was rough - just lots of little things going wrong - and it's so easy to get caught up in that. But letting myself dwell on the negative never actually makes me feel any better - if anything, it makes me feel down for longer! It's fake it until you make it in a way, except I'm not faking it - just reminding myself that there is still a lot of good amidst the bad.

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Gratitude List

Even though I have been blogging for five years now, I still struggle to figure out what to share in real-time. Sometimes it's hard to talk about things while I'm still actively in the midst of them - I'm focused on just getting through, not sitting back and reflecting. All of this is to say that I've been dealing with some health issues that have made my energy take an absolute nose dive. I've been physically exhausted a lot of the time, which is also making me feel mentally and emotionally exhausted a lot of the time, too. So I figured there couldn't be a better time for me to sit down and write a gratitude list, because frankly, I'm feeling pretty un-grateful right about now.

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