Life Lately, April 2024

This past month has been really nice - not necessarily anything huge or out of the ordinary, but just nice. I felt pretty content, even when things were a little bit stressful. I think a lot of it is because the weather is finally nicer, and I'm just a happier person when it's warm and sunny. So here's what my life has looked like over the last month.

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Life Lately, March 2024

This month's life lately is not the most exciting one that I've ever written. I spent a lot of this month at home, just leaning in to relaxing. We're in that weird time of year right now for me - it's still the tail end of winter, so even if we get a little bit of unexpected spring (like we did this past month!), I'm still more or less stuck at home most of the time. So I chose to spend the time doing my favorite things - a lot of reading (sometimes out on the patio, sometimes inside in my pajamas) and a lot of TV and movie watching (I watched all the Oscar best picture nominees and took zero pictures). I can't really spin my camera roll into anything life-changing, but sometimes that's just how life is, and since the point of these posts is to show the "behind-the-scenes" of my real life... that's what we have here. So here's the reality of what my life has looked like over the last month.

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Life Lately, February 2024

Well! This month didn't exactly turn out quite as I expected - if you've read any of my other recent posts, you know that I spent a little under a week in the hospital earlier this month. So this month's Life Lately is a little bit different than usual, but I always want to make sure to share the bad with the good, and to keep this real. So here's what my life looked like over the last month.

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Life Lately, January 2024

When I wrote my last Life Lately post in December, I was a little worried that I'd have a few months in a row of the same feel of posts - feeling "stuck" at home and a little bit frustrated. But even with some curveballs thrown my way over the last month, I actually had a really nice month. It's a relief to be reminded that even when I'm being cautious, there are still ways for me to have fun.

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Life Lately, December 2023

This is definitely not the most exciting Life Lately post that I've ever written - I know lots of people are busy going to holiday parties and get-togethers this time of year, but like I mentioned in this post about the holidays this year, my plans are pretty sparse. I'm feeling a little weird about it - I love staying home and relaxing, but I'd also love to feel safe enough health-wise to go out and have fun, too. But I think the whole point of these posts is to show the reality of what my life looks like - so here it is.

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Life Lately, November 2023

I went back to figure out where to start with this month's general recap of my life, and realized how much has happened! It had some downtime too, but was pretty packed. It made me understand why I'm really looking forward to some time off around the holidays in December. Here's everything I've been up to over the last month-ish.

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Life Lately, October 2023

I was a little bit surprised going through my camera roll to write this month's post. There were some behind the scenes things that made life a little trickier than usual (my personal care attendant was on vacation, and then sick shortly after), and I thought it would leave me with a shorter-than-usual post, but I actually did a lot this month!

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