Life Lately, November 2021

Full disclosure - I'm writing this post a little bit early, because I'm now wrapping up a trip to New York! So this post is going to be a little bit shorter than usual, both because I spent time off my computer here, and because I laid pretty low while I was preparing for this trip. But here's what I've been up to over the last month-ish.

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Life Lately, October 2021

When I looked through my camera roll for the last month, I realized that even though I felt super busy, I didn't actually do a whole lot outside my house. I did spend some time with friends here at home, taking advantage of patio weather, but I was living in the moment and not taking pictures! So this month's post will probably be short, but I did do a few things.

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Life Lately, September 2021

Each time I write one of these monthly posts lately, my life seems to have gotten busier and busier since the last one. I want to mention this because I feel like this post is going to give a bit of an inaccurate look into my life. While I am doing more, it's still fairly limited - it just seems like so much more because I was doing so little.

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Life Lately, August 2021

This past month seems somehow incredibly short (HOW is it mid August?!) and also like it's been YEARS since I wrote last month's post. It's been busy, but not in a way that shows up well in pictures and sharing here - lots of deadlines and time spent at my laptop. But I did have some fun in the past month, so lets get into that.

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Life Lately, July 2021

This past month feels like it's been extremely busy, but I think that's mostly because of my trip to Myrtle Beach! I already have a whole post about that, so I'm not going to talk more about it here, but getting ready to travel by plane again, plus the trip itself, feels like it took up a majority of my month. I've been laying pretty low and just trying to enjoy my summer!

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Life Lately, June 2021

I mentioned in my last Life Lately post that things were starting to feel kind of normal. This month, it's felt even more so - maybe to the point of doing too much! Everything sounds so fun and exciting right now that it's hard to say no to potential plans. But as someone who doesn't exactly feel recharged after lots of social activities, it's been a lot and kind of exhausting!

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Life Lately

Typically I would've written this post last week, but ti didn't feel right to share a general life update post without first telling you all about starting treatment with Evrysdi. It was too exciting to just lump in with everything else I've been up to over the last month! That, of course, is the biggest thing that's happened in my life lately, but I've had some other fun things going on too.

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