Life Lately, September 2022

Looking back over this last month is a little bit of a ride - I felt pretty decent in the beginning of the month, and was actually pretty busy! Then when I started to feel extra exhausted, I started doing a whole lot less, very quickly! So it's a little bit strange for me to look back and see everything that I did earlier in the month.

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Life Lately, July 2022

Just like my June post, this month's Life Lately started with another trip - this time to Cedar Point. After having two trips in one month, I spent a lot of the rest of the time pretty close to home. I really do love traveling, but it is a LOT of work for us, so as much fun as I have while I'm away, I always feel like I need to recover from it once I'm home!

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Life Lately, June 2022

This past month feels like it was split between doing not much at all, other than work, and then doing a lot, because I traveled to DC. I try to lay low before trips and not pack my schedule, because travel can be physically tiring for me, so it actually worked out well. But as I was scrolling through my camera roll for the last month, it was filled with mostly pictures of me reading a book or drinking coffee on my patio! It's the little things that really do bring joy.

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Life Lately, May 2022

This has definitely been a slower month for me - being hit with back pain really forced me to re-evaluate and cancel lots of plans that had been scheduled. I'm also still not comfortable going to big, unmasked events, so that limits my options a bit, too. On the plus side, the weather has finally taken a turn, which means I'm not feeling claustrophobic in my own house anymore. So here's what I've been up to over the last month.

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Life Lately, November 2021

Full disclosure - I'm writing this post a little bit early, because I'm now wrapping up a trip to New York! So this post is going to be a little bit shorter than usual, both because I spent time off my computer here, and because I laid pretty low while I was preparing for this trip. But here's what I've been up to over the last month-ish.

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Life Lately, October 2021

When I looked through my camera roll for the last month, I realized that even though I felt super busy, I didn't actually do a whole lot outside my house. I did spend some time with friends here at home, taking advantage of patio weather, but I was living in the moment and not taking pictures! So this month's post will probably be short, but I did do a few things.

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