Recent Reads, April 2024

We're now in my favorite season of the year - patio reading season! I've been having the best time taking a book outside with me for a lunchtime coffee and reading break - it just puts me in the best mood. And I had a great reading month book-wise, too - I loved all of these! Here's everything I read over the last month.

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Recent Reads, March 2024

I had a really great month of reading! March was not super busy for me outside of work, so I had even more time than usual to read. Not only did I read a lot, but I really enjoyed everything I read, too. I also read a really nice mix of genres - some fantasy / scifi, some litfic, some rom coms, and a memoir. Here's what I read in March.

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Recent Reading, February 2024

I had a really good month of reading - I really leaned into romances, in the spirit of the month and Valentine's Day, but still got in a mix of other genres, too. Best of all, I enjoyed most of the books I read, which in turn made me excited to read more and keep reading. Here's everything I read in February.

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Recent Reads, January 2024

January ended up being a great month for reading for me! I got in a decent amount of reading time, plus audiobook time too, and really loved what I read, too. I feel like I'm really starting out 2024 on the right page reading-wise, if you'll allow the pun, and I'm so happy about it. Here's everything that I read in January.

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My Favorite Books of 2023

This is one of my favorite posts to write! I have loved reading for as long as I can remember, and writing my monthly book posts helps me better track what I read. When I pick my favorite books for the year, I go through those posts and think about which books has really stuck with me since I read them. To me, that's what makes a book one of the best! These aren't in order of favorites, just in the order I read them throughout the year - starting in January and ending in December. Here are my favorites books that I read last year.

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Recent Reads, December 2023

The beginning of December felt pretty hectic with holiday preparation, but the end of the month left me with lots of time for reading, which was really nice. I feel like I've been getting back into the habit, and also getting more into audiobooks, too, which has been fun. I read a nice mix of genres in December - some rom coms, some litfic, a thriller, plus some holiday books. Here's everything I read!

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Recent Reads, November 2023

This was definitely not my best month for reading! I started out strong, but by the end of the month I found myself feeling pretty burnt out, wanting to mindlessly scroll through TikTok instead of reading. I think I'm going to go easy next month and fit in some cute holiday romances to get me back in the reading mood and into the holiday spirit. Here's what I read in November.

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Recent Reads, October 2023

I am still struggling with time management and balance right now - trying to squeeze in reading where I can, but also accept that this is a busy time of year with work, the blog, and having a social life, too. So I'm reading a little more slowly than my usual, but still trying to make time for it where I can. This means I haven't managed to read The Woman in Me yet but it is on my list! Here is everything that I did read in October.

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Recent Reads, September 2023

I am having one of those months where I can't quite decide what I want to read - I think I've picked up and started at least four different books, and then put them down and picked up something else because I just wasn't in the mood for them! I will return to them eventually, once I figure out what exactly I am in the mood for. But here's what I did read in September!

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