Recent Reads, February 2023

I hopped around genres again this month, and found a few books that I absolutely lost myself in and did not want to put down until I'd finished. Those are my favorite kinds - I love when I'm doing something else but find myself thinking about my book and wondering what's going to happen next. So here's what I read in February!

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Recent Reads, January 2023

I'm pretty proud of the variety in the books that I read this month - some romances, a (much-hyped!) memoir, a fantasy sequel, and some literary fiction. Sometimes I tend to get obsessed with one genre and go in hard, but I really do enjoy so many different types of books! Here's everything I read in January.

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Favorite Books of 2022

I mentioned in my 2023 goals post that I was proud of how consistently I read over the last year. I think a large part of this is that I read books that I wanted to read, not books that I felt like I should read - and if I wasn't into a book, I just wouldn't finish it. This also meant that I really loved a lot of the books I read! So I'm sharing my 15 favorite books of 2022, because this is my blog, and I make the rules! These are not in order of favorite - they're just in the order that I read them during 2022, starting with January.

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Recent Reads, December 2022

I read a lot of holiday and wintry romances in December - I just wanted to get myself in the festive mood. Some of these you might want to hang on to for November and December, but others are more general winter and snow focused that are still appropriate for the coming months. Here's what I read in December...

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Recent Reads, November 2022

I got in a little bit of a rut this month, and so I did some re-reading of favorites that I've already shared here before. Sometimes, just like a comfort TV show, I reach for the comfort of a book I know that I love and can get totally lost in. But I did read some new-to-me books, too! Here's what I read in November.

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