Recent Reads, June 2022

With my trips to DC and Cedar Point this month, my reading started out a little rocky... but then it definitely picked up nearer to the end of the month when I was overwhelmed by the news cycle and wanted to escape into reading to give my mind a little break. When I'm in a funk, reading can do a lot to help me get back to a better place. And I read some books this month that I really loved, too!

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Recent Reads, February 2021

I'm sharing this month's reading a little early because I have another post planned for the end of the month. This was, yet again, not my best month for reading. But honestly, I was in a rut a lot of the month - not just reading wise, but life wise! So I'm going to choose to focus on the books that I did read rather than the (many) times that I put on the TV instead. It happens!

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Recent Reads, January 2022

I have (still) been in a reading slump. I read one book that was so incredible that it kind of feels like nothing else I've picked up has really been able to compare! I'm trying to get back into it but honestly, I'm just in a slump overall right now, so I'm not feeling bad about it. All it will take for me is one book that is so riveting that I can't put it down - I just have to find the right book!

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Best Books of 2021

Since I'm still sloooowly transitioning into this new year, I thought it'd be a good time to share my favorite books that I read over the past year. I don't keep a close count on how many I read, but I think that it was between 70 and 80, so there are lots to choose from! I'm not narrowing this down to any specific number - just sharing the books that I really loved (not in any particular order).

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Recent Reads, December 2021

My reading always dips this time of year... I get sucked into watching TV and movies and lean into just relaxing and tuning out. I do hope to make it through a few books while I'm off, though! I have some new books that I'm really looking forward to getting into. As always - leave me your recommendations in the comments!

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Recent Reads, November 2021

I feel like this month was split for me, reading-wise... about half the books that I read were fine, but not great, and then I read a stretch of them that I really, really loved. I didn't end up having a ton of time to read, but I'm hoping it picks up a bit more in December. Here's what I read over the last month.

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Friday Favorites

This week was kind of rough for me. I started the week already feeling exhausted, and the weather definitely did not help bring up my energy levels at all! I actually have a fun weekend planned, though - my first show back through the Cultural Trust! I feel safe about going because they're requiring either vaccinations / negative tests PLUS masks, but it's still going to be strange to be around that many people! I'm so excited to see a live show again, though. It has been SO long.

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