Recent Reads, October 2021

Again, this was not my best reading month. I got sucked into a rewatch of The X-Files and couldn't stop watching episodes long enough to really do a lot of reading. I also started a few different books and had to pause them because I just couldn't get into them. Right now, my brain is struggling to deal with deep stories - I just don't have a great focus or attention span right now (hence the TV binges). I'm sure it'll come back eventually, but for now, I'm just reading what I enjoy!

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Recent Reads, September 2021

This was not my best month for reading - I just found it hard to get in the right mental space a lot of the time (see this post about being overwhelmed as a sort of explanation). But I picked up a few lighter books and that's helped me get back into it again. Even though the list is shorter, it has some of my favorite books of the year on it!

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Recent Reads, August 2021

It was another good month for reading for me! There were a few books that I flew through in a day or two. I continue to notice that when I have my iPad out and available (and charged) I'm so much more likely to read a few pages here and there. I've been reading (instead of watching TV) while I drink my first cup of coffee, and while I do my skincare at the end of the day, and it's just such a great way to bookend (pun intended...) my day.

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Recent Reads, July 2021

It was a great month for me for reading. Not only did I get to read while on vacation (my favorite!), but I've also just been making time every day to read (at least) a few pages. I find that I read a lot more when my iPad is out, in front of me, rather than put away somewhere. When I can see my iPad, I'm much less likely to turn on the TV and lose myself in episode after episode. An ultimately it makes me much happier.

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Recent Reads, June 2021

This wasn't my absolute best month for reading, quantity-wise - there's been a lot going on and I just found it hard some days to get into the reading groove. But there were some really excellent books in this month's reads, so it's not a loss at all. And since one of the things I'm most looking forward to doing at the beach is reading, I'm sure next month I'll have lots more books to share.

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Recent Reads, May 2021

I spent some of this month in a bit of a reading funk. I just couldn't find the attention span or concentration to get pulled into a book. So I did a little more book hopping than I usually do, and found my groove again! And now I'm back to getting lost in in a book, out on my deck in the sunshine. Here's what I read in May!

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Recent Reads, April 2021

I got a LOT of reading done this month, because I got super into a fantasy series recommended by Read and Wright and I just... could not stop reading. There have also been lots of opportunities for me to read outside lately, too! So I got a lot of reading done this month, which feels like a real accomplishment.

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