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Gratitude List, July 2024

I looked at the calendar when I went to write this post and can’t believe that it’s already mid-July! We’re at that point in summer where I’m really loving the hot weather, and starting to get a little bit sad and nervous about when it’s going to end. I’m never ready! But I’m trying to focus on enjoying it while it’s still here, and living in the moment. In addition to the summer weather, here are the other things I’m feeling grateful for right now.

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Prime Day Sales 2024

It’s that time again – Prime Day is here! Today and tomorrow, Amazon has big sales on a ton of things all across their site. It can be kind of overwhelming, so I did my best to keep my recommendations to things I know are genuinely great, and that I use and love.

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Favorite Books of 2024 So Far

Since we’re officially more than halfway done with the year, I wanted to share my favorite books that I’ve read this year so far. A few disclaimers – they’re in the order that I read them (from January – June), and they didn’t all necessarily come out this year, I just read them this year. I have no scoring or rubric; they’re just my favorites of what I’ve read – typically, they’re the ones that have stuck with me or impacted me the most. And of course, I reserve the right to make changes by the time December rolls around!

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June 2024 Favorites

I honestly can’t believe that July is here already, and that I’m wrapping up my June favorites. I spent a lot of time outside last month, and I think my favorites show that – they’re not all new things, but they’re things I got a ton of use (or enjoyment!) out of.

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