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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I took it easy this week after getting out of the hospital last weekend, and am very much looking forward to a low-key, plan-less weekend this time around. I know how important rest is, and want to make sure I keep prioritizing it. This week’s favorites post is a little bit shorter than usual, since I haven’t been doing quite as much browsing as usual while I ease back in to real life, but I’m definitely getting there.

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Disabled While in the Hospital

This might surprise you, but I typically try to avoid the hospital – both the ER and being admitted – as much as humanly possible. If it’s something that can be handled at home, or as an outpatient, even if it’s a little bit more work, I’ll take that option. That’s because while hospitals might seem like they’re something that should be accessible by default, that’s actually far from the case. Hospitals are extremely hard to navigate as a disabled person! Since my recent hospital stay is still fresh on my mind, I thought I’d explain a little bit more.

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Easing Back In

Well hi there – I had a little unexpected time off last week when I ended up in the hospital! I’m feeling much better now, and was able to come home Friday afternoon so I had the weekend at home to relax and start to recover from sleepless hospital nights.

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January 2024 Favorites

January’s favorites are here! It was more of a low-key month for me – I didn’t do a huge amount of shopping, and kept my calendar pretty empty so I could ease into the new year. So the list of favorites is a little bit shorter than usual, maybe – but it doesn’t mean that I love them any less!

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Hi, I’m Heather!

Welcome to my corner of the internet! This is where I share reports on style, beauty, and my life living with spinal muscular atrophy.

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