My Fall Style Inspiration

Now that the seasons are changing and it’s starting to feel like fall is really here, I’ve been doing some online browsing – and some shopping, too – to pick up a few new things for the season. After (maybe too much) browsing, I came up with some basic inspiration for my fall shopping – trends that I’m seeing and loving, and what I’m gravitating towards.

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Friday Favorites

I’m so excited, because I’m finally going to watch the Barbie movie tonight! I feel like I’ve been waiting so long for it to come to streaming, and it’s finally here. Other than that, I have an extremely low key weekend planned. Last weekend I went to the Family House Polo Match (SO much fun!) and had a few people over for a Barbie themed bonfire (after they pushed the streaming date back a weekend and I had to pivot from my patio movie plans) with the most delicious Milkbar red velvet cake with cheesecake icing. It was all very fun but also tiring! So this weekend will be much more chill.

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Dressing for Fall

I am very much a dress person. I love how easy it is to have a full outfit with only one piece of clothing but can still change it up with accessories, and mostly, I love how easy it is for me to wear one and how much more comfortable they are than anything with a waistband when you’re sitting all day. Dresses are great and super easy in the summer, but in the fall (and beyond), they take a little more consideration. I have to decide what layer I want to add to make the dress wearable but also weather appropriate. So I thought I’d share some of my favorite ways to take dresses from summer into the fall.

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Wednesday Wishlist

This week’s wishlist is dedicated to the Madewell Insider’s Sale! It’s free to join the Insider program, and right now, everything is 25% off for Insiders, and 30% off for Icons and Stars (the higher “tiers” of the program). There are a lot of really amazing things included – you can shop all of my favorites below, but I’m going to highlight a few! I have this waffle knit tee in blue, and love it so much that I’m going to pick it up in white, too. I love the stripes in this cozy cashmere sweater. The crinkle of this dress is so fun, and the midi is a great length for right now and into fall. The shape of this cardigan is so interesting, and different from anything else I’ve seen! The texture of this brushed argyle sweater is just amazing. I love that loafers are back in again, and these are a great version. And this bag is just a great classic option for a crossbody. Happy shopping!

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