Life Lately, May 2023

I cannot believe we're already halfway through May and it's time to write this post! This last month has finally felt like spring (and sometimes even summer!), so I've been trying to spend lots of time outside, reading or working. My allergies don't necessarily love it, but I'm so much happier when I can get in some sunshine and fresh air. It's probably not the most exciting month in review, but it's been pretty nice.

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Life Lately, April 2023

When I looked back over my camera roll for the last month-ish, the latter half of it is basically pictures of my book and coffee outside because I couldn't get over how nice the weather has been. I'll spare you from alllll of those (though I'll probably include one!), but a few other things did happen, too. Here's what my life has looked like over the last month!

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Life Lately, March 2023

Recently, whenever I go to write these, I feel like I'll have nothing to share - only to go through my camera roll and find a bunch of fun little moments that have happened. This month also has two musicals that I went to, which feels like a lot in and of itself, but really, it's the little moments that I like to look back on.

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Life Lately, February 2023

February was mostly a cozy, at home month - it was actually pretty busy, but mostly with things that I did at home. So there will be lots of pictures of the mundane, everyday things in this month's Life Lately! I realize it might not be the most exciting read, but sometimes these kinds of posts are the ones I enjoy reading the most on other people's blogs... the little peeks into people's daily lives rather than the glossy version we see on Instagram. It's relatable and honest! So here's what my life has looked like lately.

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Life Lately, December 2022

Okay, does anyone else feel like this past month has just absolutely flown?! I cannot believe we're just a week away from Christmas, and then a few more days and it'll be 2023. It just seems absolutely impossible! But somehow, here we are. I feel like my life has been a lot busier than my camera roll implies... I think it's just the whirlwind of wrapping up work for the year and the impending holidays.

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Life Lately, October 2022

I won't lie - I have kind of been dreading writing this post. To prioritize my health, I've had to really cut back on what I do right now, and focus on getting enough rest. In the day-to-day, I can handle it, and it doesn't really feel that bad. But when I have to look over the past month and see it retrospectively... it's a little bit harder to come to grips with. I know this won't be forever, but it's just frustrating in the now, while it's happening.

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Life Lately, September 2022

Looking back over this last month is a little bit of a ride - I felt pretty decent in the beginning of the month, and was actually pretty busy! Then when I started to feel extra exhausted, I started doing a whole lot less, very quickly! So it's a little bit strange for me to look back and see everything that I did earlier in the month.

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Life Lately, July 2022

Just like my June post, this month's Life Lately started with another trip - this time to Cedar Point. After having two trips in one month, I spent a lot of the rest of the time pretty close to home. I really do love traveling, but it is a LOT of work for us, so as much fun as I have while I'm away, I always feel like I need to recover from it once I'm home!

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