April 2023 Favorites

Happy May! I did my fair share of shopping in April... especially near the end of the month, when the Shopbop Sale and the Sephora Sale were both going on around the same time. I haven't gotten the chance to try out all of my new things yet, but I have a few new favorites from April in today's post, and a few things that I bought a while ago but just really loved last month.

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February 2023 Favorites

February's favorites are such a random mishmash of different things that I really loved throughout the month. Some are new to me, and some I've had for a while but became newly obsessed with. There's also more things than experiences on this month's favorites, which is fitting because much of the month was just me, in my house! So here's what I loved in February.

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December Favorites

Maybe I'm in more of a "new year, new me" mindset than usual, because December seems SO far away, even though in reality, it was still here barely over a week ago. So coming up with my list of favorites was a little bit more challenging than usual because I felt like I had to rack my brain a little harder than usual to remember December! But I prevailed - here are December's favorites

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November Favorites

Happy December! I rounded up my November favorites to share in today's post - a nice mix of things I bought and things I did (like a much, MUCH needed haircut). I'm settling in for cozy season and hibernation now that we've reached December, so my favorites are going to be more and more things that I enjoy from the comfort of my home.

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