On Feeling Dysregulated

I was reading this article from The Cut recently, an essay on dysregulation and how the word is suddenly appearing everywhere. It goes on to describe that dysregulation, at it's core, seems to be about some sort of traumatic event happening (of any nature) that has you not feeling like yourself, and wanting to get back to feeling like you again. And for me, right now, that feels pretty appropriate.

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2024 Goals

I don't like to choose resolutions for the year, because often it feels like you're setting yourself up for failure. But I do like to set goals! To me, they're a little bit different - goals are just things I'd like to focus on over the next year. I keep them reasonable and attainable, too. I'm absolutely not trying to set myself up to fail, but rather trying to help myself grow over the next year (very fitting given my word of the year this year!). So here are the goals I have for 2024.

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Word of 2024

For the past few years, I've chosen a word of the year - a word that (I hope!) embodies the mindset that I'd like to have going into the new year. It's just a way for me to think about what I'd like my year to look like, and what word sums that up. For 2024, that word is GROWTH.

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On Growth

I had the chance this week to do something really cool - I was part of a panel for an Intro to Disability Studies class at a local college, where I, along with the other panelists, got to talk about accessibility, disability, ableism, intersectionality, and my personal experiences with all of the above. It was a really great class, and the students were so open and interested and receptive. It also made me a little bit introspective, too, and made me think back on my own college experience, and what's changed for me since then.

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Finding Some Motivation

This past year - but especially this summer - has felt a little bit like living in survival mode. There's just been so much going on in my life that's it's felt like something new every time I blinked, and it was really hard to plan. I kind of had to just focus on living in the day-to-day - on getting the things done that needed to get done, and calling it good enough. There wasn't really a lot of time (or mental capacity, maybe) to spend worrying too much about longer term wants and plans - I had to focus on the here and now to keep from getting too overwhelmed.

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I’m 35 Today!

Today is my 35th birthday - I think that means I'm now solidly and officially in the mid-30s. I don't know that I ever really thought to imagine what my life would be like at this point, but if I had, it probably would've looked different than the reality of it. In general, I feel great being in my 30s - more settled, more content, and more confident than I ever did in my 20s.

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On Dealing with Burnout

I have really been struggling with burnout lately. This is definitely not the first time I'm mentioning it here - I think it's been almost weekly at the point in my Friday Favorites post - but it really has been hitting me hard lately! I love blogging and sharing on Instagram, and I love my job too, but sometimes trying to do both of them at the same time can be really hard. We've been working on launching a new project at work, which is really exciting but also stressful, and working on that while also trying to keep up with my posting schedule here has really been testing my limits.

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