Zip Up Booties

The temperatures have dropped here and I'm pulling out all my fall sweaters and capes and wraps and booties! I went virtually nowhere last fall, so honestly I barely wore shoes, but booties are one of my go-to fall choices. I love that they work equally well with pants or skirts and dresses, and they can either dress down or dress up based on the outfit you're wearing.

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Fancy Flats

Finding shoes that fit me well, are comfortable, and look cute is one of my biggest struggles. And when I need shoes for an event - a wedding, or just a fancy night out - it gets even harder! I can't really wear heels comfortably because of the way that my ankles turn in, and I also wear a size 4 in women's (or a size 2 in girls shoes!). Finding flats that are fancy but also classy (aka, not obviously glitter-covered kids flats) can be a huge challenge.

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