Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial Review

I've been experimenting a little bit more with my skincare lately. For years, I was really hesitant to make any changes - it took me a really, really long time to get my acne under control, and to get to a place where I was comfortable with my bare skin. Since it took me so long to figure it out, I was so nervous to make any changes to upset the balance! But I feel like I have a better handle on what's ok to change, what ingredients won't irritate my skin, and what kind of products I like, so I'm a little more willing to switch it up or try something new. The most recent thing that I tried and ended up loving was the Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial Brightening Mask.

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Recent Beauty Favorites

For as much as I love beauty and skincare, I don't post about it that much. Typically, I have a very tried-and-true routine with both my makeup and my skincare, and don't deviate from it too much. I have my skin figured out right now, but in my teens and twenties I had to be very very careful about the products I used, which led to me being very hesitant to use anything outside of my normal routine.

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Shopping the Sephora Sale

I don't post a whole lot about skincare and makeup here - not because I'm not interested in it, but more because I have my favorite tried-and-true products that I tend to stick to. But I actually do really love all things makeup and skincare... and all things Sephora! Since the Sephora sale opens to VIB members today, I thought I'd share my favorites.

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Sephora Holiday Sale Event

Sephora doesn't tend to do sales a lot, so when they do have one of their twice-a-year sale events, I try to take advantage. I don't go crazy, but I'll stock up on products that I'm running low on and pick up one or two new things that I've been wanting to try. And if I'm in need of something "big" like a blow dryer or curling iron, I'll definitely try to hold out and wait until the sale time to buy.

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The Best Products I’ve Bought This Year (So Far)

Since the year is (somehow) more than half over, I thought this would be a good time to do a round-up of the best things that I've bought so far this year. It really tried to go through and collect the absolute best of the best of what I've purchased... things that I'll be wearing, or using, long after the year is over.

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Beach Beauty

It's so strange to write posts about traveling again - it feels so surreal that I actually have a beach trip planned after going nowhere for so long! It's also been strange to pack again - I'm so used to having everything I need with me at all times. Luckily, when I'm packing for a beach trip, I tend to keep my beauty pretty simple. I thought I'd share some skincare and makeup must-haves that I take with me when I'm at the beach.

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The Best Sunscreens for Oily Skin

I am VERY passionate about sunscreen - both about the importance of wearing it, and about which types/ingredients are the best. Since I have oily skin, I've learned over the years which consistencies and brands and ingredients have the best sunscreens that don't leave me looking overly shiny and don't break out my sensitive skin.

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