Spring Dress Edit

I am beyond ready for spring, and am at the point where I'm going to try to just... will it into existence here in Pittsburgh. In today's attempt to make this happen, I'm sharing a round up of some very cute spring dresses! Some solids, some patterns, some midi, some shorter - all perfect for the spring sunshine that I'm looking forward to.

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Wednesday Wishlist

This week's wishlist is a little bit light - I have a spring dress edit post coming up tomorrow, and I didn't want to overdo it with the shopping posts! But there are a few things to highlight - this pair of sandals that are cute and have velcro for easy on / off, this straw basket bag with silver accents, and this cute maxi dress with ruffled straps. Happy shopping!

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Disabled While Shopping

It is no secret that I love to shop. I feel like I am constantly browsing, adding things to my wishlist or to my cart (though not always following through and checking out). But sometimes, as a disabled woman, it doesn't always feel like shopping loves me back! It can be a struggle - not only the physical process of shopping, but finding things in my size that work for my body, too. So today I'm going to talk a little bit about being disabled while shopping.

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Wednesday Wishlist

I'm feeling a little bit stuck in the in-between this week - the weather has been so up and down; we've had a few spring-like days but it's only mid-February and I know the cold is bound to come back at some point. My online shopping and browsing is similarly all over the place - what season am I supposed to be shopping for? So this week's wishlist is a little shorter than usual. Happy shopping!

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Cozy Loungewear

Since I've kind of been in hibernation mode lately, I've also been finding myself reaching for the most comfortable clothes I own more often than not. For me, loungewear must be incredibly comfortable - I only want the softest, coziest fabrics, and nothing that's tight or pulls or tugs. I thought I'd share some great, cozy loungewear options in case you're anything like me!

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