Travel Favorites

I just took two different trips in less than a month, and while I definitely want to stay home for the foreseeable future, I am feeling a little bit like a travel expert right now! So it seems like a good time to share an update on some of my travel favorites - the things that I absolutely have to bring with me when I travel.

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SMA Pride Month: What I Bring When I Travel

Since I just got back from a trip to Charleston a little over a week ago, travel is still high on my mind. And since we drove to Charleston, what's also on the top of my mind is everything that I have to bring when I travel. Looking at the sheer amount of things that we fit into our car looks like a game of Tetris where none of the rows ever disappear. So I thought that I'd share the many different things I have to take with me each time I travel, whether it's for a short weekend trip or a week long one.

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Disability Pride Month: Traveling While Disabled

Traveling with a disability, for me, is pretty complicated. This is not going to be an exhaustive post - there is just so much that goes into traveling that there's no way I can fit it all into one post. But I'm going to cover some of the basics, and add in details where I can. My hope is that for other disabled people, you either learn some tips and tricks or feel seen, and for non-disabled people, that you realize how inaccessible so much of travel can be, and give disabled travelers a little grace.

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What I Did in DC

I kind of imagine myself as a tiny bit of almost DC local now (ha!), because it's become my absolute favorite place to travel. It's an easy driving distance for us, a pretty accessible city overall, and now that we found a hotel we love in The Willard (in this post), it feels comfortable going there. I am actually very, very far from being a DC expert, but I still think it's fun to share what I did while I was there - I always enjoy reading these posts when other people write them.

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Staying at The Willard Intercontinental in DC

While I love to travel, I don't always share the places that I stay, because for me, accessibility trumps the cool factor. If there isn't enough space for me and my sister to really get around the room, or there isn't a roll-in shower, I can't stay there, no matter how cute the hotel may be. But sometimes, things just work out and I find a hotel where accessibility and the it factor combine, and I'm truly in my element. For me, that place is The Willard Intercontinental in DC.

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New York City Trip Recap

I kept meaning to write this post, and then life got in the way, and somehow it's already been weeks since I've been home from my trip to New York City. But I love writing these posts for a few reasons - one, because it's a diary of sorts for me to remember where I went and what I did, and two, because there are my favorite posts to read from other people!

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My (Updated) Travel Essentials

When I traveled to Cedar Point and Lake Erie back in May, I felt like I kind of had to re-learn how to pack and how to travel, and the same thing happened again when we flew to Myrtle Beach! It had been so long since I had traveled that I had to remind myself what I needed when I packed and the best way to pack it all.

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