Three Years of Blogging

I am really bad at remembering my blogging “anniversary” – the end of May actually marked three years, but I didn’t realize it until a week ago! Since I was already late, I figured the end of June was as good of a time as any to celebrate.
I started blogging because, at the very heart of it all, I love to write. Because I’ve always worked or studied in a more science-based field, I didn’t really have an opportunity to do non-technical writing in my day-to-day life. Plus, as anyone who knows me even a little bit will tell you… I am not shy about my opinions. I have opinions about basically anything and everything, and I do not hesitate to share them. So a blog seemed like the perfect combination of the two – a way for my to write, and a way for me to share my opinions.
But what I underestimated was the opportunity I’d have to build a community. To connect with people who read my blog, to connect with new friends on Twitter and Instagram. And right now, it’s those connections and that community that I’m the most grateful for. I definitely didn’t think that I’d ever be blogging during a pandemic, or that I’d be coming up with things to talk about here without going anywhere for three (plus) months. But I’ve actually found the opposite to be true – I’ve felt like I’ve had more things to talk about and share. And I think that it’s largely because of those connections and that community – because I can’t make in-person connections right now, the virtual ones feel extra special.
Three years feels like a long time, in some ways – it’s hard for me to remember not blogging – and yet I can also remember clearly the moment that I decided to stop just thinking about blogging and start actually doing it. I’m so glad that I did make that choice, and didn’t allow myself to get too overwhelmed by the actual process of what it would mean to start a blog. I have loved sharing about my life with you; I love sharing about disability topics equally as I love sharing about cute new sundresses or a new habit that I picked up. I’m looking forward to more sharing in the months and years ahead.

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