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Disability Pride Month: Disability Representation on Screen

This week, I wanted to share some recommendations for good disability representation on screen. When I say good representation, I mean that the stories told aren’t cliche stories of disabled people as burdens, or as someone to be pitied, AND that the actors playing these characters are disabled themselves. This list isn’t exhaustive, but the full version of that list wouldn’t be that long, either. We still have a looong way to go until disabled people really feel represented on screen.

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Accidentally Adaptive: Artis Makeup Brushes

I am not necessarily the most skilled at doing my own makeup, but it is something I enjoy doing. It’s fun to play around with new products and shades, and try out different looks. It’s one of the few steps of the getting ready process that I can still do mostly independently, but I’ve had to come up with little hacks and workarounds to make it work for me and my mobility. One of the products I’ve found that makes it a little easier for me is my Artis foundation brush.

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Disability Pride Month: My Caregiving Situation

I think I’ve share a little bit about my care needs before, but I don’t think I’ve ever written a full post about it exclusively. It’s on the top of my mind right now because my PCA (personal care attendant) was out on vacation last week, so my life was a little more chaotic than usual. I typically use the term PCA when I’m referring to someone who is paid to help me with my needs. Some people might use the word caregiver, some people might use the word aide – there are lots of different terms that get used, but they all mean roughly the same thing. Just wanted to get the language out of the way upfront! Personally, I have a mix of PCAs (well, right now, I have one PCA – more on that in a bit) and unpaid caregivers… aka my parents.

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