Staying In For The Weekend

“What did you do this weekend?” How many times have we all heard this question on Monday morning? We’re supposed to have a fun story to tell about our exciting weekend and what we did. It makes it seem like you’re lame, or missing out, if you didn’t have plans. But honestly, I think that sometimes, the best weekends are the ones with no plans at all!

I didn’t go anywhere this past weekend. I did sleep in, relax, watch a lot of Netflix, and do some homework – but I did this without leaving the house. The last few weeks and weekends have been really busy for me, with work and school and friends and weddings and bridal showers. I knew that I needed a weekend to relax. Living with SMA, I’ve become really good at knowing my limits, and knowing when I need a weekend to chill.

I think that with Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Snapchat, it can be really hard to feel like it’s okay to not have plans. Fear of missing out is real! But it’s more important to take care of yourself and your needs. Your friends will be there next weekend, and there will be more fun plans. But if you push yourself too hard and don’t take a break, you’re going to burn out. It’s much easier to relax and recover before you burn yourself out – not after.

So next time Friday comes and you feel exhausted – it’s okay! Take a break. Say no to plans, and spend the weekend with yourself. You’re the best friend you’ll ever have.

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