New Favorite Sweater Dress

I hate being cold in the winter. Every morning, before I get dressed, I check the weather and try to figure out what I can wear that will keep me the warmest – something that’s been more and more difficult the past week when the temperatures keep dropping more and more! There is one dress, though, that has been on constant rotation in my daily outfits.

I picked up this dress from LOFT during a Cyber Monday sale, and basically haven’t been able to take it off ever since. It is so comfortable and warm, even on the coldest days – I have started calling it my “sweater blanket” because of how cozy it is!

I know that there aren’t many sizes left in this particular dress, so I picked out some other similarly cozy options in the widget below. Sweater dresses are so perfect for the winter because they look cute and put together for work, but you still feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket of warmth!

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