Reflecting on 2017

I mentioned in this post that I don’t really make resolutions with the New Year, but I do like to look back and reflect on the last year. So I thought that I’d do that with this blog, as well, and look back on my five favorite posts of 2017.

1. SMA Awareness Month
I couldn’t make this list without starting with this post, and the rest of this series of posts, too. It was exciting to be able to share so much about SMA with everyone, and help people understand the different ways it affects my life.

2. Knight of Malta Investiture in Washington, DC
This was such a fun event and such an incredible experience, and of course I was happy to be able to support my friend! I love DC and I love any opportunity to wear a fancy dress and go to an event, so this was perfect. I don’t know that any event in 2018 will be able to top it!

3. The Importance of Quality Friendships
I love this post because it really is so important to how I live my life. I really think you have to be a good friend and surround yourself with good friends – a small number of great friends are so much better than a bigger group of acquaintances!

4. Health Activist Expo
This is a short post, but it was represented a lot of hard work and effort! I was so proud of how Accessible YOUniverse came together, and I’m even more excited to see where it goes in 2018.

5. Stacy London At The Frick
Last, but certainly not least – how could I not include the time that I met Stacy London?! Not only was she so incredibly sweet and genuine, she also gave a really amazing talk about fashion and style. I loved that I got to have a short discussion with her about diversity in fashion! Such an amazing experience that I will never forget.

I’d love to know what YOUR favorite posts of 2017 were – let me know!

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