Feeling Worn Out

These past few months have seemed LONG. We’ve had almost no nice spring weather, which always makes me feel stir-crazy and cooped up, and I also have had a lot going on. Deadlines at work, accessibility advocacy things I’m working on outside of work, the end of the semester for school, some sort of a social life… it sounds exhausting just typing it out. I have really loved everything that I’ve been part of. But I also love (and need!) sleep, and time to decompress and relax… and I haven’t had a lot of time to do that. It’s been difficult prioritizing, though, because I’ve been presented with some really amazing, impossible to pass up opportunities lately (like being named Ms. Wheelchair PA USA!). I’m definitely not complaining – 2018 has been a really amazing year for me so far, personally – but after a while, not having a break starts to wear me down, even if the things I’ve been doing have been things I’m loving.

So I’ve been trying to re-gain a little bit of the balance, now that my semester is finally over and a few other things have slowed down a little bit. I took some time on one of the rare spring-like days to finish reading My Absolute Darling (which I loved), and just relax outside and soak in some sun. I have not done very well with trying to read a little bit every night… usually, I am asleep the minute my head hits the pillow. I’m definitely going to try to start it up again, though. I think it’s one of the easiest things I can do to decompress a little bit each night.

I also enjoyed relaxing dinner at Mezzo, the second of my sister’s birthday celebrations. I had been once, years ago, right after it opened, but hadn’t been back since. I’m really glad I went back, because the meal was so delicious. They had a special pork belly pizza that was so incredibly good, and mushroom risotto, which is impossible for me to pass up whenever it’s on a menu.

And finally… I’ve been watching many episodes of my own personal comfort food of TV shows, Smallville. There’s nothing like nostalgia to help you chill out!

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