Trying Out a New Schedule

Since I just hit my one year “blogaversary” (see this post!), I’ve been thinking a lot about how often I want to put up new posts. When I started blogging, I originally posted three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), but that only lasted about a week or two. I was so excited and had so many things that I wanted to talk about that I quickly moved to a Monday through Friday schedule. And I’ve stuck to that, more or less, with just a few breaks for holidays and stressful times.

I think that part of the reason I wanted to do a post every weekday is so that people don’t forget about me! I know that there are so many different blogs that you could be reading, and I don’t want you to come back, see an old post, and forget to come back the next day. But quality vs. quantity is always important, too. I don’t want you to stop checking in because my posts aren’t interesting anymore, either!

All of this is to say that I’m going to be trying out a new posting schedule. I’ll be posting Monday through Wednesday, and then come back on Friday for my weekly Friday Favorites. I think this will be a good move, and will make sure that I can put the time in to write the kinds of posts that you really want to read!

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