Friday Favorites

I probably say this too often, but – what a week! I’m off from now until after New Year’s, which is great, but also means that this week was really busy at work getting things wrapped up. Plus, I accidentally spilled water on my laptop at the beginning of the week, and it had to be sent out to be repaired – I probably won’t get it back for another two weeks, which feels like SO LONG! Luckily, my sister had an extra laptop she wasn’t using (thanks, Jess!), but it’s still not “mine” and it just makes everything a little bit more complicated.

I am really looking forward to this time off, though! I have some fun get-togethers planned with friends and family, but I’m also looking forward to having some time to just RELAX! I hope that you all get to do some of that, too.

Read on to find out my favorites from this week.

ONE – To All the Boys sequel
If you’re anything like me, you’ve watched To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before at least once on Netflix, if not multiple times! This week they announced that the sequel is officially happening, and I am officially excited.

TWO – The joy of “Schitt’s Creek”
If you haven’t seen “Schitt’s Creek” yet, you definitely need to watch. It is hilarious and delightful and cheery and every other positive adjective you can think of. This article is a really fun look at the show and the culture behind it.

THREE – The Final #Hamildrop
How could I not share?! I’m so sad that these are coming to an end – it’s been such a fun thing to look forward to each month. How many other musicals have remixes where former presidents appear? It’s just crazy! Plus, hearing Christopher Jackson sing this song is just truly so incredible.

FOUR – Best Movie List
I love end-of-year lists, so here’s one of them – the best movies of 2018. I have not seen all of the movies on this list, but hopefully I’ll get to rent one of two of them over my break. Let me know what you think the best movie of the year was!

FIVE – First pictures from the live-action Aladdin
I’m so excited for all of the new Disney movies that are coming out in the next year or so – the “live action” Lion King, and then this! Check out the pictures to see a first look at how the cartoon is coming to life.

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