Trying Out eShakti

 I’ve mentioned (probably many times) before that I have a hard time finding things that fit. I love wearing dresses, but the sizing can be really difficult – I could wear kids sizes sometimes, but they can be much too short, and then the adult sizing is just too big overall. Even a size XXS in adult can be on the long side for me, and with midi styles being in right now, it quickly becomes a maxi on me.

Recently, someone recommended eShakti to me. I’d heard of them years ago, but had forgotten all about them. Basically, all of the styles they offer are customizable. Not only can you enter all of your measurements, but you can also change the neckline, sleeve style/length, and overall length of the dress (or pants, or shirt). I knew that I needed to try it!

I decided to start off by ordering two dresses – one is sold out, but this one is still available. I think I may have gotten some of my my measurements slightly off (it’s hard to measure your hips when you can’t stand!), but it was pretty smooth. I changed basically every aspect of the dresses, too – the neckline, the sleeve length, and the length, plus taking away pockets, which only get in the way when you’re always sitting. eShakti will customize the dress to your height for free, but any other customizations you request cost $10. The quoted shipping time is 9-14 days, but mine unfortunately got stuck in customs for a few days (the clothes come from India). However, eShakti sent me a code for $20 off my next purchase to apologize, which I think is great customer service.

Overall, I was really happy! It wasn’t a 100% perfect fit for me, but I also had a shoulder width measurement that was smaller than the smallest they offer, so I didn’t expect it to be. It was still a much better fit than a lot of the things that I buy, and I have a very difficult body to shop for. I’m already planning out my next few purchases – I want to try some long sleeves, and maybe some tops in addition to dresses!

If you want to try eShakti (and I think that you should), you can click here and enter the code HEATHERTOMKO in the “Gift Coupon Box” at checkout to get 33% off plus free customizations on your first order.

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