Friday Favorites

It’s been quite the week. It’s officially started to feel like fall – the colors are all changing, and everything looks so pretty. I might not love the cold, but I do love how beautiful everything looks right now. On the downside, though, my caregiving issues that I mentioned in this post have still not been figured out, and it just makes everything so much more difficult and stressful. Hopefully I can use some of my weekend time to de-stress a bit.

Since it’s the last Friday Favorites post of October (HOW is that even possible?!) I thought I’d share some of my favorite purchases from the last month mixed in with my favorites from this week.

 ONE – Comfy fall dress
I now own the short sleeved AND long sleeved versions of this Amazon dress that I’m wearing in my picture! It’s just so comfortable and easy, and can look really cute when it’s dressed up with a scarf. It’s definitely on the thin side, so it won’t work when the temperatures drop, but it’s perfect for now.

TWO – Hot Ones with Paul Rudd
I’ve mentioned the Hot Ones interview series before – it’s an interview show mixed with a hot wings challenge. I love watching each week’s new episode, and Paul Rudd’s is especially great!

THREE – Dog Costume
I don’t really “do” Halloween, but I absolutely get Lily a costume each year. She’s kind of weird about costumes and clothes – if you put something on her head, she acts like she’s frozen and will just sit/stand in place until you take it off. Needless to say, she will not be wearing the headpiece that goes with this costume, but how cute is the rest of it?!

FOUR – Office Ladies Podcast
The Office is one of my favorite shows. I actually didn’t watch it when it aired originally – I thought that it wasn’t my thing – but I gave it a try on Netflix and quickly found out how wrong I was. I was so excited to learn that Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey were starting a podcast about the show. It’s so fun to hear the behind-the-scenes info!

Lots of Amazon purchases this month! My sister actually found this first, and I liked it so much that I bought one of my own. I’m always looking for layering pieces that I can still move around it easily – I can’t take a jacket on/off by myself, so I need things that have warmth and style. This sweater/coat combo fits the bill perfectly.
amazon sweater

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