Recent Round-Up

 I’ve been trying to cut back on my online shopping lately, but I’ve still made some purchases here and there. Here are some things that I’ve bought recently and love!


ONE – A Gorgeous Bouquet
My sister and I got these flowers for my parents for their anniversary. They are so beautiful and they really held up well for days after they were delivered. There’s something so nice about having fresh flowers in the house! (Click here to get 30% off your first order!)

TWO – Extra Strength Hair Ties
I have had my hair up so much more often these past few months, and I was going through my old go-to hair ties so quickly, because my hair is so thick. These look kind of strange, but they really hold my hair up well and they leave less of a crease than the standard ones do.

THREE – Vitamin C Serum
I have tried so many different vitamin c treatments, trying to find one that wasn’t too thick, oily, or heavy, and didn’t break me out. This is my favorite of all that I’ve tried, by far. It’s super lightweight, not sticky at all, and doesn’t turn my hands orange after I use it. Just make sure that you keep the bottle tightly closed so that it doesn’t oxidize too quickly.

FOUR – Tinted Gel Moisturizer
In my quest for finding the perfect slightly tinted moisturizer, I found this one from Bare Minerals. I love that it’s not a heavy moisturizer, and I can just use my hands to apply it, but it still gives me some coverage/evening out of my skin. Sometimes I mix it with the Supergoop Glow Screen, and they work really well together!

FIVE – Gel Face Wash
This is a nice, simple gel face wash from Drunk Elephant. It doesn’t strip my skin, rinses off really nicely, and leaves my skin feeling nice and clean. I use it with my Foreo Luna mini and really feel like my face has been “behaving.”

SIX – Towel Scrunchie
I use this after the shower to help absorb some of the wetness so that it doesn’t take as long to dry on it’s own. It doesn’t get all the water out, of course, but it makes a noticeable difference. It’s totally soaked once I take it out, so make sure you wash it frequently or it starts to get that mildew-y smell.

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