Where I Buy My Cashmere

The minute that the temperature drops, I pull out my cashmere and basically wear it nonstop until it’s time to put away my sweaters. It’s the ultimate comfort for me – there’s nothing like dressing cozily when it’s chilly outside. Personally, I also really appreciate how thin but yet still warm it is… with my limited mobility, adding on bulky layers can make it hard for me to easily move my arms! I definitely don’t have that issue with cashmere.


Since I’ve done some cashmere “research,” and found my favorite brands and styles, I thought I’d share where I buy my cashmere.

ONE – J.Crew
I hadn’t ordered cashmere from J.Crew before this year, and now it’s one of my favorites. It’s super soft and cozy – I think it’s the softest of all the cashmere that I own! It’s a bit thinner than some of the other brands, but definitely still warm. The leopard sweater in the picture above is J.Crew! I know J.Crew sizing can be all over the place, sometimes, but I’ve found their sweaters to be more consistent – the XXS fits me really, really well.

TWO – Everlane
This is my tried-and-true favorite place to go for cashmere. The quality is consistently high, I love how many colors there are to choose from, and it’s warm. It feels a bit thicker than the J.Crew for sure, which makes it ideal for slightly chillier days. The sweaters really hold up well year to year, which is important to me. Again, the XXS fits me basically perfectly. As a bonus – it’s on sale for $25 off today!

THREE – Bloomingdale’s AQUA
This is Bloomingdale’s in-house cashmere line – the quality is great, but it’s definitely on the pricier side. This is where I get my drape-front cashmere cardigans – it’s unbelievably warm, and super soft. It’s great for layering and keeping cozy! I have the black, but I really love this Heather Brown color. Also – the AQUA line has lots of other style options if you’re not a cardigan person.

FOUR – Uniqlo
The cashmere from Uniqlo is super warm, but probably the least soft and cozy of the four stores. Uniqlo cashmere tends to go on sale a few times throughout the year, so if you watch their site you can get a really amazing deal on cashmere! And while you’re there, pick up some heat tech, too!

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