Striped Spring Sweater

I’m trying to be better about impulse buying… so when I came across a striped sweater perfect for spring, I let it sit in my cart for quite a while before actually checking out. And of course, now that it’s here, I wish that I had ordered it much, much sooner! I have already worn it multiple times and it is just the perfect lightweight sweater for spring.

I have still found myself really reaching for the comfier, boxier fits. Even though I’m not strictly staying home anymore, I still am not ready to give up comfort! This sweater has the absolutely perfect boxy fit – it’s not shapeless by any means, but it’s just the perfect amount of boxy to be loose, flowy, and comfy.

I love how lightweight it is, too. It’s cashmere, which of course I love; it’s so incredibly soft! But it’s not even remotely heavy, it really does feel as light as cotton. It’s great for spring days where the weather can fluctuate so much – you could easily wear it alone during the day, and then layer it in the mornings/evenings when it’s chillier. It’s just so incredibly easy to wear! I have, in fact, already worn it multiple times… possibly even two days in a row! That’s the beauty of work-from-home life sometimes, right?

And as a bonus, the navy and white stripes are so cute! It makes me think of all things nautical and beachy and just makes me happy. Maybe it’s a little bit much to be this excited about a sweater, but I just get so excited when the reality of something lives up to my expectations! If you’re in the market for a wardrobe refresh, this sweater gets my full recommendation!

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