Summer Sandals

I have been doing a lot of online shopping (and returning, honestly) for sandals recently! I haven’t been wearing shoes much since I’ve just been at home, but now that I’m starting to have plans again, I’m trying to fill in some holes in my closet. And sandals are at the very top of the list as we enter summer time!

I have fairly specific needs in shoes. My feet are small (women’s size 4 or girls’ size 2), but because of my bad circulation, they tend to also be rather puffy/fat. So sometimes while kids sizes fit length-wise, they squeeze my feet way too much to be comfortable. And since I can’t put my shoes on myself, I need them to be fairly easy – not too many laces or snaps or anything complicated. And finally, of course – I want them to be cute!

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is in her front yard wearing a palm print off the shoulder sundress. She also has on a pair of silver velcro sandals.

I was really struggling to find things that fit my needs – that were comfortable, and cute, and my size. And then one day I stumbled across a pair of sandals with a velcro closure, and had an AHA moment. Velcro adds adjustability in the sizing, especially in the width, that might not be there otherwise, and they’re also so easy to put on and take off! I started doing some searching, and was able to find sandals with velcro that are also cute, like the silver pair I’m wearing in this picture! I know they’re great for disabled people looking to up their summer style game, but honestly, I think they’d work for anyone!

So I rounded up some of my favorite velcro sandals to share today. Most of them are women’s, though there is one pair of girls (just remember, the sizing differs by 2 sizes. So if you wear a women’s size 5, you’d wear a girls’ size 3).

Collage of velcro sandals, all linked below the image.

White Tevas // Bright Red Wedge

Leopard Print // Silver Sequin

Neutral Colorblock // Camel Wedge // Silver Straps

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