Liz’s Nutrition Notes: Mason Jar Salad

Each week, Liz will be posts about a different topic related to nutrition and health. This week, she’s sharing a simple mason jar salad recipe.

For this week, I am going to keep things short and simple, and share a favorite recipe of mine— mason jar salads! I love mason jar salads are because:

  • I love salads
  • They are nutrient dense
  • The jars keep the salads crisp and well preserved allowing you to meal prep a week’s worth of lunches and/or dinners
  • There are so many recipes you can try … just google “mason jar salads or look on Pinterest for inspiration.

I hope you try a mason jar salad. If you do, share the photo (and tag your favorite blogger – @theheatherreport). Enjoy!

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  1. Unknown

    That graphic is so helpful!

  2. Heather

    Right?! Liz found a really great one!

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