Friday Favorites

I’m really hoping that after this weekend, we make the turn from winter and snow into spring. I know I talked about hygge earlier this week, but I really could use some sunshine and warmth.

I couldn’t let this week go by without mentioning Stephen Hawking’s death. You can read The New York Time’s obituary here. It’s been really interesting to read all the coverage on Hawking’s life and disability. I’m not one to be particularly offended by language – I’m fine with being called disabled, rather than a person with a disability – but saying that Hawking was “confined to a wheelchair” really does a disservice to him and his life! Hawking was a brilliant man, and his wheelchair helped him live life to the fullest, not confine him.

I mentioned in my Waitress post earlier this week that Sara Bareilles played her last show as the lead earlier this week – watch her and the cast in this sweet final curtain call, where they sing a song from the show that got cut before it made it to Broadway!

This next article is technically a way to meet people without using dating apps, but I really think it can apply to anyone looking to meet people, whether you’re looking for a date or for a friend. The older I get, the harder it seems to be to meet new people, so I think these tips and reminders are useful for everyone.

And last but certainly not least – did you know Frozen is now a Broadway musical?! I’m one of those people who knows every word to Let It Go, and who loves the Broadway version of The Lion King, so I’m pretty pumped. The songwriters from the movie wrote some new songs for the Broadway version – check out one of them here!

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