Friday Favorites

I have been looking forward to this particular Friday for a while because Pitt gives us the day off for “spring holiday.” I am so excited for sleeping in… and then starting to work on my homework and other things that I haven’t had time to get to.

I went to dinner with a friend last night at Spork, and was SO impressed – it’s definitely jumped to the top 10 of my Pittsburgh favorite restaurants list. If you decide to try it, I highly recommend the crab souffle – it was delicious!

This week’s favorites…

ONE – Best Fake Songs
I would not be able to pick a favorite between the songs on this list. I got so excited reading the titles – there were so many songs that I loved! I actually own a lot of soundtrack CDs, and I have a lot of the songs on this list. My friends and I were obsessed with Zenon – I could probably still sing every lyrics to Supernova Girl.

TWO – Subminimum Wage
This is an issue that I don’t think many people know about at all – people with disabilities can actually be paid well below minimum wage. It’s a policy that is incredibly outdated, but because it’s so little-known, nothing ever changes. Hopefully, this lawsuit (among others) helps to educate about this practice, and helps stop it from continuing, too.

THREE – Lilly Singh on Late Night
I love Lilly Singh’s channel on YouTube, and I’m so excited to hear that she’s getting a late-night TV show! She’ll be the only female late-night network show host, which is a huge deal! I can’t wait to watch.

FOUR – Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard
They are just hilarious together, and this video really made me laugh. I love how into it and competitive they get!

FIVE – One Day at a Time
I just finished binging this show a few weeks ago, and I really really hope it’s not cancelled for good. It was the perfect mix of funny and heartfelt, and tackled some deep issues without being too “after school special.” Fingers are crossed that Lin-Manuel Miranda can use his powers for good and find another home for it somewhere!

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