Friday Favorites

 I had a very “exciting” week this week – I actually left the house! I just went to a doctor’s appointment, so nothing crazy, but it did feel surreal to be out and about in the world again. It was unfortunate that the cases are rising here so quickly at the same time as my appointment, but it didn’t seem like waiting longer would be any better. It wasn’t the ideal reason for “breaking quarantine,” but I just keep reminding myself that sometime in the future I will, in fact, leave my house for something fun.

ONE – Remembering Alex Trebek
I am such a huge Jeopardy fan – it’s going to be such a different show without Alex Trebek at the helm. It was really sweet to read so many people’s memories of him and their time on the show.

TWO – Thoughts on Mindfulness
I wrote a little post for a friend that I met through Instagram (find her here!) about mindfulness. Check it out and make sure you give her a follow, too!

THREE – Gossip Girl Reboot
I recently re-watched all of the original Gossip Girl, so I’m super excited for the reboot. I love that they’ve done a lot to increase the diversity in the casting, and these pictures that they’ve released just look so good! I can’t wait for the new episodes

FOUR – Waffle Stitch Sweater
This sweater is so comfy – it’s the perfect slightly oversized fit. It’s not a super heavy/warm sweater, but it’s perfect for the weather right now.


FIVE – The Queen’s Gambit
Have you watched this yet?! It’s about a chess prodigy and her journey learning and playing the game. I know nothing about chess, but I still loved this show. I was initially drawn in by the clothes, but the characters and the plot really kept me interested. Highly recommend!

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