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I thought about sharing my March favorites, since we’re just into April, but I realized that my favorites weren’t all from the month of March. Instead, I thought I’d round up some of my favorites from 2019 so far. I may have mentioned some of these before, but I thought it might be helpful to have them all in one place!

Drunk Elephant Products
I’ve been using the TLC Framboos exfoliant, the C-Firma serum, and the B-Hydra serum every single day, and I still really like them. My skin has been looking great, and I haven’t had any breakouts or other reactions. The only thing that has changed is that I’ve started using the C-Firma at night instead of the morning, because it was making my skin too oily.

Ember Coffee Mug
I think this would probably make a yearly favorites post if I decided to write one! It has saved me many coffee reheats, and I love that my drink is always the perfect temperature.

Everlane Sweaters
Yes, I’m still wearing these sweaters at least once a week. Yes, I still can’t get over how well they fit, and how nice the quality is. No, I will not stop talking about them. I just really, really highly recommend!

Trader Joe’s Pancake Bread
Have any of you tried this yet?! I feel like it might become one of Trader Joe’s cult favorites, like Cookie Butter or Everything but the Bagel seasoning. It’s sweet, but not too sugary, and nails the pancake flavor. Delicious!

Cashmere Wrap
This is a great purchase for spring, when you sometimes just need a little something extra that you can take off if the sun gets too warm. This one is lightweight but not too thin, and goes with everything.
Mascara Primer

Naturalizer Heels
It’s hard for me to find a pair of heels that fit comfortably. My ankles are really weak and tend to turn in really easily, so any heel that is too high becomes really painful really quickly. These Naturalizers have a small heel, which is the perfect height for me, and also come in a size 4! I love them so much I bought them in both black and silver.

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