Friday Favorites

I got an e-mail this week from J.Crew asking me if I was ready for sweater weather – and my answer is a hard no! I am holding on the end of summer and time spent reading outside for as long as I possibly can.

ONE – Separate is not equal
This letter to the editor from the Post-Gazette is a good reminder that sometimes, even the best intentions go to further stigma and separation rather than eliminating it. People with disabilities don’t always necessarily need their own, separate programs. Just like the letter mentions, working towards inclusion is harder and takes more time – that just makes it more worthwhile.

TWO – Peace Out Acne stickers
I picked these up as an impulse buy at the checkout line in Sephora, and I love them. They do seem to make my acne clear up a bit faster, and they also keep me from touching my face, which is equally important.

THREE – Little Women trailer
I loved this book growing up, and I’m excited to see this re-telling of it. The actresses are some of my favorites, and I’ve read that they’ve done some updating to make the book a bit more modern and feminist. My fingers are crossed that it’s as good as the trailer makes it look!

FOUR – Michelle Williams interview
This is a great interview with Michelle Williams – it touches on her time on Fosse/Verdon, which I loved, and also talks about her time at the center of the Hollywood gender gap pay discrepancy.

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