Fighting the Winter Blahs

I get into a serious rut each year right around this time. Not only does January feel like it lasts so long (for anyone, not just me), I also just feel incredibly restricted and confined when it’s cold out. The cold means that I’m pretty much stuck inside, which just makes things seriously drag. There hasn’t been much sun here in Pittsburgh, which just means that every day feels dreary and like I should be warm and cozy at home, reading a really good book!

I also have to be extra careful about avoiding getting sick. I’m not even talking about the coronavirus… just the flu has the potential to put me in the hospital! Some people with SMA have to basically quarantine themselves during flu season; for me, it’s finding that balance of going out and staying in, and making the right choice for my body even when it’s not necessarily what I want.

After a while, it just starts to feel like a lot of the same old, all the time. Same schedule, same gray skies… I even find myself wearing the same outfits, over and over and over. And then it’s a bit of a self-fulfilling prophesy, in a way. Because when I start to feel like I’m in that “blah” rut, it’s so easy to just stay in that same routine and not push out.

But I don’t want to be in that rut! So I’m trying my best to do little things, where I can, to break out. If it’s above freezing, I’ll make the short walk to Starbucks just to get out for a minute. I try to make some plans, because my mood feels so much lighter when I’m able to get out and do something! A few weeks ago, I celebrated a friend’s birthday with tea at The Frick (one of my absolute favorite things to do), and once we closed down the Frick Cafe (at 4 pm…), we moved to Starbucks and talked for hours, just catching up. We clearly all needed it, because no one was in a hurry to leave! It’s the little things that make the biggest difference in my mood when I’m just feeling stuck.

And then, there’s the feeling I get from wearing a new, cute outfit. The dress is definitely outside my comfort zone – I don’t do a lot of prints, and this print is loud. But I couldn’t resist the leopards (not leopard print, but leopards!) scattered across the print. And the colors aren’t too crazy, so it was just the right amount of different for me. It’s another huge win from eShakti, and the perfect things to push me a little bit outside of my rut. (Don’t forget to use the code HEATHERTOMKO if you make a purchase to get 35% off and free customizations!)

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