Where I’m Buying Masks

I can honestly say that this is a post I never thought that I’d be writing. The concept of wearing a mask out in public is something that seemed so strange at first, but is such a simple thing to do to help keep everyone safe and healthy.
I actually haven’t gone anywhere yet that I’d need a mask, but I wanted to be prepared just in case. I have some plain black ones, but I’ve also had fun picking out some cute colors and patterns. Here’s where I’m buying my masks:
Nancy was my absolute favorite designer on the last season of Project Runway – not only did she make it to the finale, but after being inspired by an earlier week’s challenge, she used models with disabilities during her final runway show! She has so many different patterns to choose from, and even has a DIY kit if you want to make your own. Each mask is hand-signed, and a portion of the proceeds goes towards material to provide free masks to those who need them.
I’ve shared Equal Entrance scarves before, so I was excited to see that they started making masks too! These are on the simpler side, but they’re really well-made and the material feels really nice. I love how easily adjustable the ear straps are, too.
The selection from Knotzland is, I think, the most fashion-forward. They make all of their masks from reclaimed materials, just like they do for their bow ties, and I love seeing the variety that they’ve come up with! They have the option of a simple face covering, or a more formal “mask.” I ordered a “surprise” one, and I can’t wait to see what it looks like.
Where are you buying your masks?

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