Perfect Swing Dress

 I’m definitely dressing a lot more casual this year than most, but I still find myself reaching for a dress every so often. There’s something about getting a little more done up that makes me feel a little more normal, at least for a short while! I’m usually a big dress person, so it’s nice to revisit even if I’m just getting dressed up for me.

Not all dresses are ideal for sitting – some of them are too tight on the legs and tend to ride way up when you’re seated. So I try to look for something that has some flow or swing at least on the skirt of the dress, both for looks and comfort.


As soon as I saw this dress online, I knew that it would be perfect on me.  Not only is the skirt flowy and swingy – the whole dress is! It’s loose and flowy without making you look like a shapeless paper bag. The v-neck exposes just a little bit of skin and helps to balance out the shape of the dress. I love the way the pleats add some fun texture to the dress, and I like that it’s fully lined, too. And because it’s 2020 and I now require this of all my clothes – it’s SO comfortable.


I know that the holidays are going to take a different form this year – I hope that no one has plans for huge, in-person gatherings. But I still think this dress would be perfect for Thanksgiving, even if you’re having a low-key day. Dressing up for the day might even help make you feel a little more festive. And of course… having a waist-less dress on a holiday with a big meal never hurts!

Also – can we talk about the color?! It’s also offered in a black and a deep red, but I really loved this metallic tan/bronze color! It’s so perfect for fall, and the metallic really takes the dress to another level. I felt so chic wearing it, even though I had nowhere to go. It’s definitely a new favorite!

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