Friday Favorites

Last week’s big news was getting my flu shot, this week’s is that I sent in my mail-in ballot so I can officially say that I voted! I triple checked to make sure that I had followed the instructions properly to make sure that my vote will be counted, and it was really such a simple process. I hope that you all have a voting plan, too – whether you’re voting by mail, voting early, or in-person on Election Day. And if you’re still not sure who you’re voting for, check out my post from earlier this month about my reasons for voting here.


Now, on to this week’s favorites!

ONE – Legally Blonde Reunion
Legally Blonde is one of my favorite rom-coms – I have seen it many, many times; it’s just a classic to me! I loved watching the cast virtually reunite, and loved hearing the news that we’ll be getting Legally Blonde 3 (eventually) even more!

TWO – Nespresso on Sale
My Nespresso machine is on sale at Williams-Sonoma (I talked about it in this post)! I know it’s still pricey, but having it has made my pandemic life so much better. It’s the little things like a tasty cappuccino that just makes my day a little bit better.

THREE – Students on Zoom
I love this cute video of kids when their teacher drops off their Zoom accidentally. Their stream-of-consciousness conversations had me cracking up!

FOUR – Lo & Sons Sale
I have wanted an O.G. bag from Lo & Sons for a few years now, but just couldn’t stomach the price. They’re having a major factory sale on certain colors/styles right now, though, and I got the O.G. 2 in grey for 70% off!

FIVE – Biden + Voters with Disabilities
Last, but definitely not least – I absolutely loved this op-ed written by a woman with Down Syndrome about why she’s voting for Joe Biden. It’s another great reminder of what people with disabilities lose risking if Biden isn’t elected.

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